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Automotive Engineering Outcasts - BPI Racing

Driver Profile
Name Born Hometown
Automotive Engineering Outcasts Formed in Summer 2010 Based in Houston, Texas
A group of wanna-be race car drivers who don't have the time or financial backing to race in any legitamit form of racing, so they made a pack to form a team and dominate the 24 Hours of LeMons organization with mad skills and ingenuity that have never been witnessed in automotive racing history. With very little experience in automotive racing, shade-tree mechanic skills and engineering intuition we raced our first compeition in September 2010. Placing in a lousy 49th out of 120+ cars, we can only get better. With our newfound knowledge of the sport, we are make all the necessary plans and preparations to come back in 2011 for a top ten finish.

Vehicle Information
Chassis Engine Brake System
  • 1993 Nissan Sentra SE-R
  • Nissan SR20DE
  • Reinforced Oil Pan
  • BPI 3" Flow Stack On Custom Intake
  • Unknown Exhaust Header
  • Unknown Exhaust
  • OEM Front & Rear Brake Calipers
  • ? Front & Rear Brake Pads
  • ? Front & Rear Brake Discs
  • Suspension Interior & Safety External
  • KYB Front Struts
  • KYB GR-2 Rear Struts
  • Drilled-Out Top Plates
  • Unknown Coil Springs
  • OEM Front & Rear Swaybars
  • MB Motorsports 16 Wheels
  • ? Tires
  • iHandy Level Camber Alignment
  • Eyeballed Front & Rear Toe
  • Corbeaux Race Seat
  • NRG Quick Release 5-Point Harness
  • ? SFI Suit
  • Custom Roll Cage
  • Custom NACA Ducts for Driver Venting
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Harry's Pro Lap Timer
  • Interior, Heating, A/C, and Airbags Removed
  • Paint by Automotive Engineering Outcasts
  • Wrinkled Body Panels
  • Rusted Holes
  • OEM Mirrors
  • Footer
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