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Sponsorship Information
BP Initiatives is always looking for ways to help promote our company. Sponsoring top race and show winners is an excellent way for us to achieve that goal. BP Initiatives is looking for new and innovative cars and trucks that represent today's automotive enthusiasts.

BP Initiatives is looking for individuals to represent our products in grassroots racing all the way to professional racing, show events and in the print media. If you are interested in sponsorship, here is was BPI's expects from our sponsored drivers:

1. As a sponsored driver you represent BPI, so strong integrity and a motivated work ethic are a requirement
2. A vehicle that is new or unique in someway that our Flow Stacks can be utilized for. What differentiates you and your vehicle from the others. Why would we want to sponsor you and how is a partnership between you and BPI going to aid in promoting its products.
3. Media coverage – not a necessity, but it always helps. Please be sure to include your contact at the magazine.
4. We need to have confidence that you will be on the track or attending the car shows and events by showing a track record for attendence.
5. You must attend a set minimum of events on your schedule of shows/races as per your proposal. The attendance must be verified w/ receipts or time slips from your event.
6. A minimum of 2 14 inch BPI decals must be placed in a visible location (i.e. front fenders, windshield, hood & roll call).
7. Monthly updates of how the show/race season is going with photos. Let us know how you’re doing

What BPI will do:
We set aside a budgeted amount of money for each year’s sponsorships. We will review each proposal on an individual basis and decide if the proposals aligns with our requirements and vision. A handful will recieve a full sponsorship which includes free products, additional money and techical support. The majority of the sponsored will qualify for the free or discounted products and possibility for race contingency payouts. For show car and magazine sponsorships you will qualify for discounted products at the beginning of the partnership. Upon completion of the agreement or contract, BPI will refund the full amount of the discounted products. We will contact everyone who sends us a proposal and let them know what our plans are. All proposals become the property of BP Initiatives. Remember, this is a partnership.

What do you need to do?
Please do not call us. A phone call can be forgotten in the miriad we receive each day, while a hard copy presentation says volumes for your professionalism. While email is a valued convenience for today’s business we prefer sponsorship proposals in hard copy because we do not wish to have our servers clogged with photos attached to emails. Please do NOT email your proposals. Proposals received by email will be disregarded. What you do need to do is put together a written proposal and send it to us at:

BPI - Sponsorship
21839 Broken Limb Trl
Cypress, TX 77433

Send your proposal via UPS or Federal Express. This way you can track your own package and you will know that it was received.

Sponsorship proposal must include:

1. Cover page
2. Table of Contents
3. Statement of mission or goals
4. Owner Information-Driver Bio
5. Sponsorship Proposal: What you would like from BPI and how it would benefit BPI
6. List of Current vehicle Modifications
7. List of Future vehicle Modification
8. List of Current Sponsors
9. Exposure: Races, shows or events you plan to attend. Future magazine coverage.
10. Racers include: Copies of Time slips or Race Accomplishments
11. Quality photos of your car. The more the better. If the car is incomplete and being built, send us photos anyways. It’s always good to see what we’re going to potentially sponsor.

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